Surender Kumar, 46
Chef (Indian) —not enrolled in social insurance programs
Of course I would like to join the Japanese national pension system, for my future. Everybody wants that.

Joseph Abasio, 28
Teacher (British) — not enrolled
The whole pension system is a mess. I doubt that foreigners are a priority and I don't think they'll get anything come retirement.

Alicia Marie Docks, 27
Temp — not enrolled
I'm not confident about the pension system, but if I enroll and then move back to the U.S., the benefits would transfer into the U.S. system, which I have more confidence in.

Thomas Blaseiwicz, 53
Acupuncturist (German) — enrolled
I've heard that those in charge of our pension cash have gambled a lot of money on the markets, so I don't feel assured of receiving future benefits.

Veronika, 24
Student (Hungarian)
I've grown up here, and I'm willing to pay into the system once I start working. But I also have doubts about whether I'll be able to receive benefits in the future.

Gary Wilson, 46
School owner (U.K.) — enrolled
By the time I retire, I don't expect to be able to receive any pension benefits. I'm making my own arrangements for my pension.