Is Japan a good place to bring up a child?


Yuki Wilson
Office worker, 35
I moved here from the U.K. when my son was 4. Kids do seem encouraged to express themselves here, but in their teens they are suddenly encouraged to conform.

Osamu Suzuki
Programmer, 34
I have never been abroad, but I know Japan has a great diet and therefore healthy children. Also there are so many play areas for children in Japanese cities.

Momoko Sato
Graphic designer, 32
I don’t think Japan is a great place to raise kids. Education is expensive, and when this is added to general living costs, life can be a struggle for young families.

Mari Suzuki
Secretary, 31
Japan has always been considered a safe country. However, these days I don’t feel it is anymore. Also, insurance for children is really expensive.

Katsuhiro Koike
Japanese teacher, 33
Since the birthrate is now dangerously low, councils are being pressured to take action to encourage young families. Support services are being set up in local areas.

Namiko Sato
Student, 19
The education system is great until junior high school, but then parents in Japan seem to place all parenting responsibility on the school. This seems strange.