What changes would you like to see to Japan's immigration policies?

by Louisa Chan

Atsuko Fukuda
They need to build a better system for foreigners. The last thing they should do is tear a family apart, as in the recent case of the Filipino (Calderon) family.

Colin Chan
Lecturer, 42 (Australia)
People who have lived here more than 10 years but don’t want permanent residency should be allowed a five-year visa, instead of the current three-year one.

Emmanuelle Chabert
Professor, 35 (French)
It would be more convenient if a re-entry permit was given as soon as you were issued a visa. It’s a waste of time having to go to the immigration office again.

Carl Carrick (Australia)
Assistant manager, 38
There’s often a long wait at immigration. It would be easier if visa applications could be made via post, the Internet, or through an after-hours service.

Tomoko Sakama
Teacher, 32
Foreigners married to Japanese should be able to bring their family along to live in Japan, as long as the government doesn’t have to support them financially.

Adrian Archer
Engineer, 37 (Aussie)
If Japan looked into Hong Kong’s automated entry system, it might foster more trust in Immigration than the fingerprinting and photographing rigmarole does.