What are the plans of Nova’s teachers and students?


Jisu Oh
Student (South Korea)
Nova’s closure has made me think that it is better to just make friends so I can exchange culture as well as language with other people. I can’t pay for another school.

Chika Mezaki
Housewife, 44
I asked staff to pay back my money, but I’ve grown tired of trying to get it refunded. I’m more worried about teachers in Nova apartments and staff who haven’t been paid.

Matt Wills
Teacher, 24 (British)
I’m going to stay here and try and get my salary and the benefits I am entitled to. If I don’t get them, I’ll have to go home without the cash I need for law school tuition fees.

Keith Paton
Teacher, 31 (American)
When salaries were paid late, we only got broken promises and no explanations. As a result, I resigned my position in disgust. I plan to stay and fight for my unpaid wages.

Kana Narukawa
Insurance firm employee
I started lessons because I wanted to help my sons study. I have no time to go to another school, so I’ll wait and see if a sponsor steps in. Till then I’ll read and watch English TV.

Tomoko Ishida
Civil engineer
I said “Oh, my God” out loud when I calculated how much I lost, maybe ¥200,000. I might go to a new school, although a lot of schools aren’t as flexible. I also might try private lessons.

Keiko Kimura
Part-time worker
I’m going to wait to see what happens because I thought Nova was a good school and I’d like to take lessons there again. If not, I’ll look for a private teacher.

Yuriko Shimada
Office worker
I’ll wait and see if Nova gets any sponsors but, honestly, I have made lots of contacts with teachers who are now unemployed, so I will probably take private lessons.

Louisa Chan
Teacher (Australian)
I’m tired of all the conflicting information on the news and from Osaka and Tokyo staff meetings. I think I’m going to take a break. I need to get my finances, and my head, sorted.