John Bolton has called for Israel to respond to Iran’s massive, failed weekend missile barrage by destroying its nuclear fuel facilities.

In one sense, that’s no surprise; the former U.S. national security adviser has rarely seen a problem he didn’t think could be bombed into submission. Yet he’s far from alone in believing Tehran’s decision to openly attack Israel has presented a rare window for decisive action to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power and all that’s needed is the will to act.

Ultraright members of Israel’s Cabinet agree, as do some of the nation’s security services. If only it were just a matter of will. Bolton is reckless, but there are several things that he and other Iran hawks get right, starting with the contention that by attacking Israel directly on Saturday night, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei changed rules of engagement. Before, the two countries had been fighting an undeclared war in the shadows. By making the attack direct and open, Khamenei has created new policy options for Israel.