The Japan Times (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Chairperson and President: Minako Suematsu) has now digitized the archival publication "The Herald of Asia" and made it available via "Japan Times Book Viewer," a platform that allows users to search and browse the newspaper’s archives in book format.

A weekly publication established by Motosada Zumoto, the first editor-in-chief of The Japan Times, "The Herald of Asia" was published from 1916 to 1938 during the Taisho era. As its title suggests, the publication aimed to convey fair, independent and unbiased views of East Asia – values that The Japan Times continues to uphold today – from the perspective of the Japanese people.

What marks the “The Herald of Asia” from foreign-owned newspapers of the time is its free and independent editorials, as well as detailed coverage of the movements of diplomats and intellectuals in Japan and abroad, contributions by prominent figures, reports on international affairs, and the Japanese labor movement and the nation’s socialist movement – all during a historically significant period.

“The Herald of Asia” is thus a valuable resource for students, researchers and educational institutions and an addition to The Japan Times Archives collection.

The Japan Times Archives has digitized the entire 124-year history of the newspaper, from its premier issue in 1897 up to 2021. Since its release in 2013, “The Japan Times Archives" has been highly recognized by librarians, school officials, and researchers as a valuable English-language resource, one that is indispensable in discussing Japan.

■Product Outline ■

Product name: "The Herald of Asia" (digitized edition)

Publication period: March 1916 - October 1938 (incorporates a 14-year hiatus)

Contents: 400 issues, published weekly on Saturdays. Includes geopolitical, diplomatic, and financial news, contributions by prominent political and business figures, advertisements, literature, etc.

Product audience: Corporate customers such as libraries, schools, research institutes, etc.

Platform: Japan Times Book Viewer

Authentication method: IP address authentication

Sales Format: 1. Optional purchase with “The Japan Times Archives”

2. Independent purchase


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