Society is undergoing dynamic changes and so that its students can "Be ahead of the world," Chuo University has introduced two new courses to best enable today's learners become tomorrow's leaders.

Faculty of Global Management

Established in April 2019, the Faculty of Global Management provides students with a practical education focused on global business where English is used as the main language of instruction over a four-year period.

More than 70 percent of the classes at this faculty are conducted in English. These classes begin with several essential required subjects that provide a solid foundation of learning about global business. Students also receive guidance about writing reports and participating in debates in English.

Non-native English speakers are placed in level appropriate academic English classes, where they read professional papers to increase their understanding of management terminology, as well as practice writing English language academic essays and reports.

Further subjects allow students to finesse the higher-level language skills needed for international success when communicating, negotiating or consulting in business settings. Students can choose from English or Chinese options.

To provide each student with opportunities to acquire the deep expertise required for demonstrating leadership, the Faculty of Global Management also offers specialized educational courses focusing on the mechanisms behind the global market activities of companies and organizations. At the same time, regional studies comprised of in-depth research on the history, politics, economy, culture and consumer trends of Japan, China and other Asian regions, or Europe, the U.S. and Latin America empower students with the practical knowledge to perform as global managers.

Additionally, all first-year students take part in a short-term overseas study program of three to four weeks in such destinations as North America and Asia, incorporating lectures, discussions, company visits and other activities in English. From their second year onward, students are expected to become independent learners. Participating in overseas internships and field studies, as well as commencing their own research through seminars are just a few of the ways that students can develop their investigative skills, build experience and enhance cross-cultural understanding.

The result of studying at the Faculty of Global Management is the confidence to take the initiative in the global business arena. Students can reap the benefits of Chuo University's practical education opportunities, while expanding their chances of becoming true new global leaders.

Faculty of Global Informatics

Also opened in April 2019, Chuo University's Faculty of Global Informatics is truly one-of-a-kind: Japan's only course offering that fuses information and communication technology (ICT) studies with ICT's ethical, legal and social impacts. Specifically, it aims to equip students with both an international understanding of and the professional skills needed to navigate the intersection between information systems and law in today's globally connected society.

As a result of the rapid advances made in ICT, the world is experiencing unprecedented social change. Under such conditions, various ICT-legal issues must be tackled on a global scale and for this to be successful an understanding of different cultures, languages, religions and social backgrounds is paramount.

As such, students of the Faculty of Global Informatics study informatics and law within an integrated humanities and science framework.

First-year students at this faculty learn the basics of informatics such as the framework of the internet, programming and artificial intelligence and how they connect people. Basic legal knowledge covering information and the Constitution, civil and criminal laws is also taught.

In the second year, broader knowledge is acquired through lectures on information security theory, operating systems and hardware, and system management in addition to on-site application practicum. Also gained during second year is knowledge of various information-related laws on AI and robotics, privacy, personal information protection and copyright. Opportunities such as learning practical informatics-related English and studying universal human values are also provided for second-year students to polish their global "readiness."

From the third year onward, students build their theoretical knowledge and acquire know-how of informatics execution and development. This includes research on such themes as digital media and contents, innovation and technology, as well as public communications service. On the legal side, highlights include the global application of information-related laws and understanding of the global issues surrounding information society, including national security, diplomatic policy, ICT policy of various countries, and diversity studies.

The Faculty of Global Informatics is located at Chuo University's Ichigaya Tamachi Campus, the area itself a cradle for information exchange. Industry, government and academic leaders all contribute practically to faculty courses so that graduating students become invaluable global information strategists, well equipped to help solve IT-related problems that evolve over time.

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