It is with deep regret that we must announce the death of Toshiaki Ogasawara, who passed away on Nov. 30 (Wednesday) in the U.S. from heart failure following a long illness. He was 85.

This announcement is being made following the funeral of Mr. Ogasawara in the U.S. Following the last wishes of the deceased, the ceremony was attended only by close family.

At a later date there will a gathering of business partners and those who have known him to celebrate his memory. Details will be announced in the near future.


  • Name: Toshiaki Ogasawara
  • Born: March 30, 1931
  • Deceased: Nov. 30, 2016 (17:48)

Following the wishes of the family, kindly refrain from sending condolence messages, flowers and so on.

History of Toshiaki Ogasawara

  • 1983: Representative Director & President
  • 1985: Representative Director & Chairman
  • 2016: Honorary Chairman

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弊社名誉会長(元代表取締役会長・社長)小笠原敏晶 逝去のお知らせ

弊社名誉会長 小笠原敏晶は、米国にて病気療養中のところ、2016年11月30日、心不全のため逝去いたしました。




  • 氏名: 小笠原 敏晶 (おがさわら としあき)
  • 生年月日: 1931年3月30日 (85歳)
  • 逝去日時: 2016年11月30日 午後5時48分


小笠原敏晶 職歴

  • 1983 (昭和58) 年 代表取締役社長
  • 1985 (昭和60) 年 代表取締役会長
  • 2016 (平成28) 年 名誉会長



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