Sep 11, 2014

JR Hokkaido cancels express train project in favor of safety push

Scandal-tainted Hokkaido Railway Co. has decided to cancel work on a high-speed diesel express train and focus instead on improving safety and launching a shinkansen service in spring 2016. The railway says it wants to regain public trust after scandals exposed its shoddy track ...

Aug 25, 2014

Shinkansen section halted by power outage

A power failure on Sunday night briefly suspended Tokaido Shinkansen Line trains between Mishima Station and Shizuoka Station in Shizuoka Prefecture. The power went out at 9:05 p.m. The trains resumed operations after about 25 minutes once the situation was confirmed safe. According to ...

Yamanote Line trains to get revamp next year

Jul 3, 2014

Yamanote Line trains to get revamp next year

by Mami Maruko

East Japan Railway Co. is developing a new commuter train design that it wants to get rolling on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line by fall 2015. JR East President Tetsuro Tomita said at a news conference Wednesday the new train will be “a next-generation model for ...

Feb 26, 2014

Train buff in Hokkaido builds his own museum

An architect in Otofuke, Hokkaido, has transformed part of his household into a railway museum. “I want to provide a place where rail fans can get together and feel comfortable,” says Tadashi Hozumi, 53, who is now working on improving the displays. A train ...

| Nov 16, 2013

Lessons in life

Young man #1: Old men really don’t like being overtaken in the pool. Young man #2: Or on the road. Young man #1: Or when lining up for the train during rush-hour. Young man #2: In life. — Komazawa Park, Setagaya, Tokyo. Overheard by ...