Mar 4, 2015

North Korea readying for medium-range missile test: report

North Korea may be readying to test fire a medium-range missile to underscore its anger over joint U.S.-South Korea military drills that began this week, a report said Tuesday. Mobile launchers used for Rodong missiles have been deployed at a North Korean missile base ...

Jan 7, 2015

North Korea warns South over 'reckless' leaflet launch

North Korea on Wednesday slammed the South after activists sent anti-Pyongyang leaflets over the border in balloons, warning that such launches have scuppered high-level talks in the past. The isolated nation cautioned Seoul that the “reckless act” of leaflet scattering by North Korean defectors ...

Discovering Seoul through food, culture

Sep 6, 2014

Discovering Seoul through food, culture

by Amir Bibawy

South Korea’s hyper-efficient capital doesn’t spring to mind when you think of exotic Asian destinations. But this mega-city offers much to tempt travelers beyond a layover from the ultra-modern international airport in nearby Incheon. You can explore South Korea’s rich historic heritage, visiting temples ...

'One Piece' manga exhibit to open in Seoul

Jul 25, 2014

'One Piece' manga exhibit to open in Seoul

An exhibition of the popular Japanese manga series “One Piece” will open Saturday at the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul following a court ruling that found the government-run facility had no cause to rescind a contract for the show, organizers said Friday. The ...