Sep 4, 2014

Ex-prostitute marches on Paris for law to criminalize clients

A former prostitute began an 800-km (500-mile) march across France on Wednesday to demand that the French government make good on its promise to penalize clients. Rosen Hicher, 57, an activist for the group Survivors of Prostitution, is protesting that a law to fine ...

Google exec killed by call girl's heroin: police

Jul 10, 2014

Google exec killed by call girl's heroin: police

An alleged high-end prostitute who is accused of injecting heroin into a Google executive on his yacht and leaving him to die after he overdosed appeared in court Wednesday on criminal charges including manslaughter, prostitution, destroying evidence and transporting a controlled substance. Alix Tichelman, ...

U.S. blacklists Thailand, Malaysia over human trafficking

Jun 21, 2014

U.S. blacklists Thailand, Malaysia over human trafficking

Failure to meet minimum standards in fighting human trafficking has landed Thailand and Malaysia on a State Department blacklist, a move that could strain relations with two important U.S. partners in Asia. The department improved its rating of strategic rival China, citing Beijing’s steps ...

Jun 9, 2014

EU eyes using vice to boost economies

European governments are turning their attention to prostitution, drugs and contraband as possible ways of boosting their economic growth profiles, as they struggle away from their debt crises. Italy caused a stir when it announced last month that it would begin including revenues from ...

May 30, 2014

U.K. to count prostitution, drugs when measuring GDP

Sex please — we’re British. Britain’s Office of National Statistics said prostitution and the import, manufacture and consumption of illegal drugs will be counted when making the government’s quarterly calculations of gross domestic product. The statistics agency said Friday some of these activities are ...

Apr 5, 2014

Host clubs: a hotbed of human trafficking

by Jake Adelstein

The Japanese host. You can see them on the streets of Tokyo’s Kabukicho: the dapper thin men with colored, blown-dry hair, fake suntans, snazzy suits and charming smiles, chatting up passing females and trying to get them to come and have drinks. They’ve been ...

China prostitution expose triggers surprising backlash

Feb 11, 2014

China prostitution expose triggers surprising backlash

An expose by China’s state broadcaster on rampant prostitution in the country’s “sex capital” of Dongguan triggered a huge police operation — as well as a surprising online backlash. More than 6,000 police officers swept through hundreds of hotels, saunas and karaoke parlors in ...