Nov 27, 2015

Four pre-Inca tombs found in Peru's Lima

Archaeologists in Peru have found four tombs that are more than 1,000 years old in a pyramid-shaped cemetery that now sits in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Lima, experts said Thursday. “There are four human burial sites, for adult individuals, three women ...

Nov 26, 2015

Peru lawmakers reject abortions for raped women

Lawmakers in Peru on Wednesday dismissed proposals to decriminalize abortions for women who have been raped. A legal commission in the Congress voted to reject a bill to permit abortion in such cases, blocking the lower house from holding a full debate on the ...

Colombia farmers make switch from cocaine to cocoa

Nov 12, 2015

Colombia farmers make switch from cocaine to cocoa

It was the murder — execution-style, in broad daylight — of a friend and fellow farmer in the Colombian countryside that prompted German Sanchez to finally heed government calls to get out of the cocaine trade and plant cocoa instead. Six years later, market ...

Peru announces probe on corruption over drug planes

Oct 15, 2015

Peru announces probe on corruption over drug planes

Peru’s defense minister announced Wednesday an investigation into allegations of military corruption in the world’s No. 1 cocaine-producing valley after The Associated Press reported that the armed forces turned a blind eye to the ferrying of cocaine abroad by small planes. The minister, Jakke ...

Oct 11, 2015

U.N., World Bank to launch refugee and reconstruction bonds

International agencies plan to raise billions of dollars to tackle the worsening refugee crisis in the Middle East and North Africa by issuing new bonds to help displaced people and support reconstruction in the war-torn region. The United Nations, World Bank and Islamic Development ...