Firms use internships to entice top students

Jan 25, 2015

Firms use internships to entice top students

by Kisaku Seno

Facing fierce competition to attract top university graduates, many Japanese firms are using internship programs as a way to entice students before the official start of the recruiting season, which was recently shifted to March from December. Students in their junior year aiming for ...

Firms target share houses to boost business

Oct 7, 2014

Firms target share houses to boost business

by Asako Takaguchi

Many companies are turning to shared housing as a place to promote products or offer services like job-hunting support. Come on UP Co., a company operating share houses, and Disco Inc., a human resource consultant, both in Tokyo, jointly launched a service for Japanese ...

Aug 2, 2014

More students opt for fifth year

According to a recent survey, many of the 103,000 Japanese students who opted for a fifth year of university study last spring did so to continue hunting for a job.

Oct 26, 2013

Is job hunting a suicide risk?

The stress of job hunting has become so extreme in recent years that one in five college students contemplates suicide during the job-hunting process, according to a poll taken last summer.

Apr 8, 2013

Delay recruitment even longer

A new education ministry team will request that businesses delay job-recruitment activities for university students until April of their senior year.