Mar 27, 2016

All-girl AKB48 spawns Thai, Filipina sister acts

All-girl idol group AKB48 plans to add branches in two more Southeast Asian countries — Thailand and the Philippines, its management agency said. BNK48, to be based in Bangkok, and MNL48, in Manila, will join the AKB48 family as its newest sister groups, while Taiwan's ...

South Korea unveils pop band with infinite members

Jan 28, 2016

South Korea unveils pop band with infinite members

The company that pioneered South Korea's all-conquering K-pop industry unveiled its new boy-band concept on Wednesday — a group with limitless members, singing in multiple languages and based in cities from Asia to Latin America. SM Entertainment, which handles some of the biggest names in ...

Jan 19, 2016

Court rules pop idol has right to pursue happiness, can date

The Tokyo District Court has rejected a damages suit filed by a talent agency against a former member of an idol pop group for breach of contract because she dated a fan. The court ruled Monday that the contract restricted her freedom to pursue happiness. The ...

North Korean bands rock China’s borderland

Jul 23, 2015

North Korean bands rock China’s borderland

Like many Chinese hotels, the Kunlun International hotel has rock bottom prices. It also boasts rooms with round beds and dance poles, and an all-female North Korean rock band who belt out "Anthem of the Worker's Party" and other socialist classics every night. Young and ...