Sep 18, 2014

Public security chief admits posing with anti-Korean activist

National Public Safety Commission Chairwoman Eriko Yamatani, who doubles as state minister in charge of the abduction issue, has acknowledged posing for a photograph in 2009 with a former member of the anti-Korean Zaitokukai rightist group who is accused of engaging in hate speech ...

Social media aids rehashing of historical hate

| Sep 13, 2014

Social media aids rehashing of historical hate

by Philip Brasor

After rain caused deadly mudslides in Hiroshima Prefecture last month, rumors spread over the Internet about burglaries of evacuated homes by “foreigners,” including Zainichi (ethnic Korean residents of Japan). Such rumors tend to accompany disasters, so Tokyo Shimbun talked directly to police in the ...

Aug 21, 2014

Japan urged to regulate hate speech by law at U.N. meeting

Many members of the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination urged the Japanese government on Wednesday to devise legal measures against hate speech in the country. Tokyo faced renewed pressure over the matter after it received recommendations from the U.N. Human Rights ...

Aug 2, 2014

Getting tough on hate speech

Japan needs to respond to criticism of it by the U.N. Human Rights Committee for allowing instances of hate speech, directed mostly against Koreans, to proliferate in 2013.

Feb 28, 2014

U.S. human rights report cites anti-Korean hate speech in Japan

The U.S. State Department took up hate speech against Korean residents in Japan in its annual human rights report released Thursday, apparently reflecting Washington’s concern about the campaign against the ethnic minority in the country. Members of ultra right-wing groups “used racially pejorative” terms ...