Aug 21, 2016

New York ends English-language requirement for cab drivers

New York City taxi drivers will not be required to speak English any longer. The change is the result of a new law that Mayor Bill DeBlasio signed in April and went into effect on Friday eliminating the English-language proficiency exam for taxi and ...

| Aug 1, 2016

It'll be all good once you learn how to use 'ii desu' the correct way

by and

Ima-wa ii-desu. (I’m fine for now.) Situation 1: A waitress asks Mr. Sere if he’d like another coffee. ウエイトレス: お客様、コーヒーのおかわりは、いかがですか。 セレ: あ、今はいいです。 Ueitoresu: O-kyaku-sama, kōhī-no o-kawari-wa, ikaga-desu-ka. Sere: A, ima-wa ii-desu. Waitress: Would you like another cup of coffee, sir? Sere: I’m fine for ...