May 5, 2015

Government eyes private body to identify drone operators

The Abe administration is considering having a private entity assume practical work for regulating drone flights, such as identifying their operators, after one carrying a small amount of radioactive cesium was found on the roof of the prime minister’s office last month, government sources ...

May 4, 2015

Coming to grips with drone strikes

The U.S needs better ways to ensure that drones are used legally, morally and in ways that do not undercut their intended purpose by recruiting more terrorists than they kill.

May 2, 2015

Regulating the drone revolution

The government needs to strike an appropriate regulatory balance that doesn't pose barriers to the use of drones for constructive purposes but prevents them from being used in ways that poses a danger to people or violates their privacy rights.

Apr 30, 2015

Tokyo police studying technology to detect, capture drones

Tokyo police are studying technology for capturing suspicious drones as part of efforts to boost surveillance of airspace above important facilities, following the recent discovery of a drone on the roof of the prime minister’s office, Jiji Press learned Wednesday. The Metropolitan Police Department ...

Apr 25, 2015

After U.S. drone killings, pressure for a new hostage strategy

The accidental killing of two hostages in a U.S. operation against al-Qaida has put a new spotlight on the Obama administration’s reliance on drones in the battle against terrorism — and has also raised pressure on the White House to revise the nation’s oft-criticized ...