Tokyo bar actually model 'secret base' for Gundam fanatics

Dec 30, 2016

Tokyo bar actually model 'secret base' for Gundam fanatics

A small bar in Tokyo’s Nakano Ward is becoming popular with middle-aged men who like to make plastic models of characters from the “Mobile Suit Gundam” cartoon. “It’s like a secret base,” said Kentaro Nonaka, 36, a company worker who lives in adjacent Suginami ...

Jan 11, 2015

Sake-based cocktails lead to new converts

Yukimi Isomura smiled after sipping a cocktail based on a traditional drink she had never liked. The resident of Handa, Aichi Prefecture, had avoided sake because she considered it dry. But the tasting event organized last month by Nakano Sake Brewery Co. has changed ...

Oct 1, 2014

Osaka bans street touts in Umeda, Dotonbori districts

A new ordinance banning street touts who lure customers into restaurants and bars, often by promising them discounts and then charging exorbitant sums of money, went into effect in designated areas of the city of Osaka on Wednesday. While there are already strict regulations ...

Tokyo jumps on theme bar bandwagon

| Apr 6, 2014

Tokyo jumps on theme bar bandwagon


Tokyo and its surrounding areas provide an array of entertainment spots to serve the varied interests of its inhabitants, day or night. The latest fads are theme bars and restaurants for those seeking an unusual drinking or dining experience. Guys who were fascinated by ...