The dog days of cooking

by J.J. O'Donoghue

Here’s a recipe for ambiguity: Cooking with dog. Could it literally mean, cooking a dog? How about cooking for canines? Or, is it some weird code for cooking fetishes somewhere on the deep Web? Lucky for us (and the dogs), “Cooking with Dog” is a YouTube show featuring a Japanese ...

Japan's craft beer mug runneth over

May 8, 2015

Japan's craft beer mug runneth over

by Monami Yui

Tatsuo Aoki’s low-key Tokyo bar, Popeye, has become a destination for beer fanatics from around the country. They make the pilgrimage to sample Hokkaido ales and Shizuoka stouts, or for an impromptu lecture from Aoki on hops and yeast. He’s part of a nationwide ...