New China law to take on nation's polluters

Smog-hit China is set to pass a new law that would give Beijing more powers to shut polluting factories, punish officials and even place protected regions off-limits to industrial development, scholars have said. Long-awaited amendments to China’s 1989 Environmental Protection Law are expected to be finalized later this year, giving ...

Japan turtle finds haven in Taiwan

Apr 9, 2014

Japan turtle finds haven in Taiwan

by Ko Shu-Ling

In late January, Cheng I-Jiunn, a marine biology professor at the National Taiwan Ocean University, got a call telling him a green sea turtle incidentally captured in the northeastern part of the island desperately needed medical attention. A titanium tag installed on the turtle ...

Mar 17, 2014

Flood damage to triple by end of century: study

The annual cost of damage caused by flooding in Japan is estimated to triple by the end of this century to ¥680 billion due to global warming, a government research team said Monday. A rise in the average annual temperature of between 3.5 and ...

Noisy bulbuls change with the seasons

| Mar 8, 2014

Noisy bulbuls change with the seasons

by Mark Brazil

On cold winter mornings the bulbuls come squawking their full-throated calls as they swoop onto bird-feeders, their white-tipped gray breast feathers appearing frosted by the chill. There, they will eat bread crusts and seeds — or halved mikans given a chance — but in ...