/ Apr 21, 2017

South Korea president hopeful denies date rape conspiracy

South Korean presidential candidate Hong Joon-pyo on Friday denied his own autobiographical confession of complicity in an attempted date rape, as voter outrage mounted. The firebrand prosecutor-turned-politician and candidate of ousted president Park Geun-hye’s conservative party has been compared to Donald Trump for his ...

Apr 21, 2017

Argentina woman who gave birth in coma meets son, months later

In late 2016, a 34-year-old policewoman in Argentina — in a coma after a car accident — gave birth. Four months later, Amelia Bannan has regained consciousness and finally met her son. During the first part of 2017, “she moved sometimes, made signs of ...

U.S. Navy redesigning its submarines to accommodate women

Apr 19, 2017

U.S. Navy redesigning its submarines to accommodate women

Every submarine in the U.S. fleet was designed with the height, reach and strength of men in mind, from the way valves are placed to how display screens are angled. That’s going to change. With women now serving aboard submarines, defense contractor Electric Boat ...

U.S. regulators accuse Google of underpaying women

Apr 8, 2017

U.S. regulators accuse Google of underpaying women

Government investigators looking into how Google pays its employees have accused it of shortchanging women. A U.S. Department of Labor official disclosed the agency’s allegations during a court hearing in San Francisco on Friday. “We found systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across ...

Apr 6, 2017

Russian mother stuffed corpse of anorexic daughter into suitcase

A grieving Russian mother stuffed the body of her anorexic ex-model daughter into a suitcase and threw it into the sea after she starved to death, Italian media said Wednesday. The wasted remains of Katerina Laktionova, 27, were discovered late last month after fishermen ...