Mar 20, 2016

Japanese escape injury as bus carrying foreign students crashes in Spain

Thirteen people were killed and 30 injured Sunday when a bus carrying foreign students, including two Japanese, crashed in northeastern Spain, regional authorities in Catalonia said. Initially, regional government spokesman Jordi Jane said 14 had died in the crash but Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz ...

Mar 9, 2016

Three Kyoto teens arrested for smoking cannabis

Three male teenagers in Kyoto have been arrested on suspicion of possession of cannabis. One of them is a junior high school student. Police said Tuesday the three were arrested after officers found around 0.7 gram of cannabis in a car in a convenience ...

Student team makes mulberry plant discovery

Feb 11, 2016

Student team makes mulberry plant discovery

A research team led by Japanese high school and university students has discovered that mulberry leaves contain biogenic minerals known as opal phytoliths, rigid microscopic structures that persist after death and can have forensic value. They are found in a range of plants. Archaeologists, ...