Jun 27, 2015

Toyota's drug problem, and Japan's

by William Pesek

Toyota has a drug problem. The company and CEO Akio Toyoda are dealing with the fallout from a bizarre case surrounding his newly promoted head of global public relations, Julie Hamp. It all started on June 18, when Hamp, an American who moved to ...

'Newcomer,' 56, wins Kishida

May 26, 2015

'Newcomer,' 56, wins Kishida

by Nobuko Tanaka

Named after a prominent early 20th-century playwright, author and translator, and presented annually by the Hakusuisha publishing house since 1955, the Kishida Kunio Drama Award is indisputably Japan’s top honor for writers of plays premiered the year before. As the same person can only ...

SoftBank posts record profit, reveals potential successor

May 12, 2015

SoftBank posts record profit, reveals potential successor

SoftBank Corp. said Monday it posted a record group net profit for the fifth consecutive year last fiscal year and its top executive described a former Google Inc. executive as a possible successor to run the Japanese telecom giant in future. SoftBank’s group net ...

May 7, 2015

SoftBank to take 5% stake in Yamada Denki

Telecommunications giant SoftBank Corp. said Thursday it will acquire a 5 percent stake in electronics retailer Yamada Denki Co. for ¥22.76 billion. SoftBank is expected to become Yamada Denki’s fourth-largest shareholder after obtaining some 48.3 million outstanding Yamada Denki shares on May 25. SoftBank ...