'Ethical hackers' prep for final round of annual cybersecurity contest

/ Jan 26, 2017

'Ethical hackers' prep for final round of annual cybersecurity contest

With cyberattacks proliferating worldwide, a Japanese contest for “white hat” hackers supported by organizations including the communications ministry and National Police Agency is gearing up for the final round this weekend. The Security Contest, dubbed Seccon, provides an opportunity for those aspiring to become ...

Oct 12, 2016

G-7 adopts financial-sector cybersecurity guidelines

The Group of Seven industrialized nations has set guidelines for financial institutions to follow in order to fend off cyberattacks, the Finance Ministry and Bank of Japan said Tuesday. The “G-7 Fundamental Elements of Cybersecurity for the Financial Sector” was put together by the ...

/ Mar 26, 2016

Verizon says security unit breached, client data stolen

Hackers have stolen contact information on a Verizon unit’s business customers in the latest breach of a big company or organization. The New York telecommunications giant said Thursday that its Verizon Enterprise Solutions unit, which provides IT services to big companies, recently discovered and ...