Gaffe-prone Aso brands brokerage workers 'shady types'

Aug 31, 2016

Gaffe-prone Aso brands brokerage workers 'shady types'

In the latest of a long series of gaffes, Finance Minister Taro Aso has hit out at brokerage workers — a profession he’s responsible for overseeing. “People have a preconception that investing in bonds and stocks is dangerous, and that’s correct,” Aso said at ...

Mar 15, 2016

Nomura to raise pay for 3,700 employees at Japan brokerage

Nomura Holdings Inc. will raise salaries for staff at its Japanese brokerage for a third year. Base pay for about 3,700 employees at the Nomura Securities Co. unit will climb an average 2 percent starting in April, Kenji Yamashita, a spokesman for the Tokyo-based ...

Dec 8, 2015

BOJ dooms credit analysts as foreign banks let Tokyo posts lapse

Foreign brokerages are leaving credit analyst positions in Tokyo unfilled as record central bank bond-buying stimulus makes it hard for them to make profits. UBS Group AG, Barclays PLC, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co. and Citigroup Inc. all had analysts at the start of ...