Dec 25, 2014

Services producer price index rose 3.6% in November

The services producer price index rose 3.6 percent in November from a year before, up for the 17th consecutive month, the Bank of Japan said Thursday. The index, previously called the tertiary or corporate services price index, stood at 102.9 against 100 for the ...

BOJ policymaker urged fiscal discipline amid easing policy: minutes

Dec 25, 2014

BOJ policymaker urged fiscal discipline amid easing policy: minutes

A member of the Bank of Japan’s Policy Board said at last month’s meeting that fiscal discipline should be maintained even when long-term interest rates remain low, according to minutes of the meeting released Thursday. The policymaker said the decline in long-term interest rates ...

Dec 4, 2014

BOJ plan's success hinges on fiscal action plan, policymaker warns

A Bank of Japan Policy Board member said Thursday that it is essential for the government to make progress on fiscal consolidation as its efforts will eventually determine the success of the central bank’s drastic monetary easing. The BOJ has been purchasing Japanese government ...

Dec 2, 2014

Japan's monetary base up 37.1% year on year

The nation’s monetary base stood at ¥262.69 trillion at the end of November, up 37.1 percent from a year earlier and a record high for the fourth straight month, as the Bank of Japan provides extra liquidity to boost the economy, BOJ data showed ...

Crude oil slide thorn in BOJ's side

| Nov 28, 2014

Crude oil slide thorn in BOJ's side

by Keiko Ujikane

When a country imports almost all its energy, a slide in oil prices to a four-year low should be helpful — cutting costs for companies and households. For Japan, it may not be so simple. The reliance of the world’s third-largest economy on fossil ...

Nov 26, 2014

BOJ's assets hit record high in September on aggressive easing

The Bank of Japan said Wednesday its total assets stood at a record ¥277.10 trillion ($2.35 trillion) at the end of September, as the central bank continued its massive asset purchases from financial institutions to boost the economy. The assets, mainly Japanese government bonds, ...