Timeless: a shiba inu named Lychin

| Aug 30, 2015

Timeless: a shiba inu named Lychin

Lychin, described as an "amazingly sweet, happy dog," was taken in from one of the rare "good breeders" in Japan when he went bankrupt. His animals were healthy, well-loved and exercised, and it shows.

Aug 27, 2015

'Enemy' seaweed can save coral from starfish: researchers

Under attack from hordes of ravenous starfish, Pacific coral is getting help from an unexpected source — seaweed, an archenemy, researchers said on Wednesday. Seaweed is no friend of the fragile ecosystems of coral reefs, pumping out harmful chemicals, blocking out life-giving sunlight, and ...

Aug 23, 2015

German scientists find rare dinosaur tracks

German scientists have found an unusually long trail of footprints from a 30-ton dinosaur in an abandoned quarry in Lower Saxony, and think they could be around 145 million years old. “It’s very unusual how long the trail is and what great condition it’s ...

Charlotte the monkey as rambunctious as ever at Oita zoo

Aug 21, 2015

Charlotte the monkey as rambunctious as ever at Oita zoo

A baby monkey, whose naming by a Japanese zoo as Charlotte after Britain’s newborn princess caused something of an uproar, is in full tomboy mode. The 3-month-old, 15-cm-tall macaque from Mount Takasaki Wild Monkey Park in Oita has become a sensation with park visitors ...