Jan 22, 2017

Ants are expert navigators, even walking backwards: study

Despite their tiny size, ants are sophisticated navigators that can find their way even while walking backwards, and these skills could help inspire better robots, scientists say. The findings in this week’s edition of the journal Current Biology are based on a colony of ...

Border-free: a dog named Jun

| Jan 22, 2017

Border-free: a dog named Jun

In September, the handsome Jun arrived in Japan from Malaysia after an international effort to rescue him and others from what were reported to be extremely dire conditions.

Golden-headed moth species named for Trump

Jan 18, 2017

Golden-headed moth species named for Trump

A Canadian researcher has discovered a new species of moth native to Southern California and Baja California. The insect, which measures just over a centimeter wide, is visually striking. Golden flakes cover its head, which the researcher likens to the hairdo of U.S. President-elect ...

Jan 13, 2017

Scientists activate predatory 'kill switch' in mice

U.S. scientists have ramped up predatory behavior in mice by stimulating a region of the brain known for its role in emotions like fear and pleasure, according to a study published Thursday. The experiment turned the lab mice into eating machines, vigorously attacking food, ...

Jan 10, 2017

A moo-ving rescue: Stranded cow winched across frozen pond

A cow stranded on ice in western Oregon experienced what might be called a moo-ving rescue. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office got a report last Friday about a cow that had ventured onto a frozen pond, fallen and couldn’t get back up. A sheriff’s ...

Unlucky polar bears beset by toxins too, study says

Jan 6, 2017

Unlucky polar bears beset by toxins too, study says

Polar bears just can’t catch a break. Already struggling to cope with climate change, the giant Arctic carnivores also face a chemical poisoning risk 100 times above levels considered safe for adult bears, according to a study released Thursday. For bear cubs feeding on ...