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Nov 23, 2014

Twitter indexes every public tweet ever sent

Twitter has begun letting users search through every tweet publicly fired off at the one-to-many messaging service since it launched in 2006. Examples of when the new capability may come in handy include revisiting sports or television show seasons, learning what was revealed at ...

Nov 21, 2014

Google tests replacing web ads with contributions

Google on Thursday began rolling out a way for people to support websites they frequent and, in return, be rewarded with ad-free pages. A “Google Contributor” experiment was introduced with a handful of partners including tech news website Mashable and satire site The Onion. ...

Nov 18, 2014

Wi-Fi hubs to replace NYC pay phones

Thousands of high-tech terminals offering free Wi-Fi and other services will soon replace New York’s remaining fleet of seldom-used pay phones, the city’s mayor said. Bill de Blasio called the LinkNYC system “the fastest and largest municipal Wi-Fi network in the world.” Up to ...

Notorious 'hacktivist' shares methods, motives

Nov 14, 2014

Notorious 'hacktivist' shares methods, motives

Cocaine dealers, bank robbers and carjackers converge at Manchester Federal Prison in rural Kentucky — and then there is Jeremy Hammond, a tousle-haired and talented hacker whose nimble fingers have clicked and tapped their way into the nation’s computing systems. Among those whose data ...

Nov 11, 2014

Apple iOS bug makes most devices vulnerable to attack: FireEye researchers

Cybersecurity researchers have warned that a bug in Apple Inc’s iOS operating system makes most iPhones and iPads vulnerable to cyberattacks by hackers seeking access to sensitive data and control of their devices. Cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc. published details about the vulnerability on its ...

Nov 7, 2014

Internet users called to answer to system's ills

Responding to a dizzying array of issues that threaten to break the Internet, from privacy to tax dodging to cybercrime, a group of the world’s leading governance organizations say greater user involvement, not top-down control, is needed. Three organizations — Brazil’s Internet Steering Committee ...

Nov 6, 2014

Malware targeted at Apple devices discovered

Palo Alto Networks Inc. has discovered a new family of malware that can infect Apple Inc.’s desktop and mobile operating systems, underscoring the increasing sophistication of attacks on iPhones and Mac computers. The “WireLurker” malware can install third-party applications on regular, non-jailbroken iOS devices ...

Nov 5, 2014

Emojis to expand color range to accommodate racial diversity

The face symbols you may get and send in emails and text messages are about to see more diversity, sending a message that humanity comes in many colors. New draft guidelines released Tuesday by the computing industry consortium Unicode offer a broader range of ...

Apple sold by Jobs from parents' garage up for auction

Nov 4, 2014

Apple sold by Jobs from parents' garage up for auction

An early Apple computer sold by Steve Jobs from his parents’ garage goes under the hammer in New York next month, valued at $400,000-$600,000 in an increasingly competitive computer relic market. Christie’s says the Apple-1 is the only surviving such computer documented to have ...

Danish court sentences Pirate Bay founder over hacking case

Nov 1, 2014

Danish court sentences Pirate Bay founder over hacking case

A Danish court on Friday sentenced the Swedish founder of file-sharing site The Pirate Bay to 3½ years in prison after he was found guilty of hacking into a private company handling sensitive information for Danish authorities. Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and a 21-year-old Dane ...