Tomohiro Osaki

Tomohiro Osaki is a staff writer in the Domestic News Division. A graduate of Sophia University in Tokyo, he likes to explore under-reported realities of Japanese youth, with a tendency toward the taboo.

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Day care crisis stuck in vicious cycle

| Apr 17, 2016

Day care crisis stuck in vicious cycle

The employee was in the throes of desperation as her maternity leave drew to a close in mid-March. The Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, resident had just two weeks left before returning to work, but after applying to enroll in one day care center after another, ...

Apr 8, 2016

Ruling coalition submits bill to curb hate speech

The Liberal Democratic Party-Komeito ruling coalition on Friday submitted a potentially game-changing bill to the Upper House aimed at eliminating hate speech. Although the legislation may herald a break from Japan’s traditionally lukewarm attitude toward curbing racism and hate speech, it imposes no penalties ...