Tomohiro Osaki

Tomohiro Osaki is a staff writer in the Domestic News Division. A graduate of Sophia University in Tokyo, he likes to explore under-reported realities of Japanese youth, with a tendency toward the taboo.

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Jul 31, 2015

In 'historic' shift, night school admission standards are eased

In a landmark development, the government has dictated a drastic easing of admission requirements for night junior high school, paving the way for victims of childhood abuse and bullying to take the classes again, only this time actually benefitting from them. The move will ...

Jul 28, 2015

Who are you calling a honky? Gaffe-prone Fuji TV stumbles again

Internet users were snorting in derision after participants on a Fuji TV entertainment show wore T-shirts with a bizarre English slogan incorporating a word that some Caucasians might find offensive. The shirts read: “No Fun No TV Do Honky.” The overall phrase left viewers ...

Jul 7, 2015

Deadline looms for foreign residents to get new residence card

Mid- and long-term foreign residents of Japan have until Wednesday to upgrade their now-defunct alien registration certificate cards to new residence cards or face possible criminal penalties. Subject to the ID update are foreign residents, such as those married to Japanese nationals or working ...