Jul 25, 2015

More than 11,000 farmed tuna die in wake of typhoon

Farmed tuna die in wake of typhoon Around 11,000 farmed bluefin tuna died off the coast of the Pacific coastal town of Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture, after a powerful typhoon made landfall in western Japan earlier this month and wreaked havoc throughout a large chunk ...

Jun 28, 2015

Stationmaster cat Tama mourned, turned into goddess in Wakayama

Tama the stationmaster, the feline star of a struggling Japanese railway, has been mourned by railway officials and fans and elevated to a goddess at a funeral. The calico cat was appointed stationmaster of Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture in 2007. In her custom-made ...

Wakayama's popular 'stationmaster' cat Tama, 16, dies

Jun 25, 2015

Wakayama's popular 'stationmaster' cat Tama, 16, dies

Tama, a cat “stationmaster” of a railway station in Wakayama Prefecture whose immense popularity helped boost the railway’s revenues and the local sightseeing industry, died Monday at a local animal hospital aged 16 years and two months, the equivalent of about 80 years in ...