Japan's fisheries still swimming upstream

/ | May 13, 2017

Japan's fisheries still swimming upstream


In March, the internet news site Videonews.com posted a conversation between environmental journalist Tetsuji Ida and Waseda University researcher Yasuhiro Sanada, who writes about fisheries. During the talk, Sanada said that whaling is a “dead industry,” and seemed to think that the ongoing controversy ...

Apr 28, 2017

Japan breaches international cap on annual Pacific bluefin catches

The government said Thursday that Japan has exceeded the annual limit on its catches of immature Pacific bluefin tuna, breaking an international commitment only two years after the regulation was introduced. The domestic catch of the threatened fish, a popular choice for sushi and ...

Sep 2, 2016

Panel defers accord on Japan-proposed fishing limit of bluefin tuna

Wrapping up a five-day meeting in Kyushu on Friday, an international fisheries panel deferred an agreement to invoke emergency fishing restrictions for bluefin tuna in the northern Pacific amid concerns that the species is dwindling due to overfishing. Japan had proposed invoking a catch ...

Jul 28, 2016

Japan eyes Pacific bluefin catch curbs if stocks stay low

Japan will propose invoking emergency fishing restrictions for bluefin tuna in the North Pacific if stocks of juvenile tuna remain at a low level for three consecutive years, government sources said. The proposal, which would be in response to stocks of tuna younger than ...