Wartime labor case brews in South Korea

Feb 22, 2014

Wartime labor case brews in South Korea

Japanese officials may soon get a fresh diplomatic headache stemming from its colonialist past with South Korea as it struggles to cope with the sex slave denial issue, a territorial dispute and challenges to the naming of the Sea of Japan. The government is ...

Nov 26, 2013

Death penalty to stand in 2005 Hyogo killings

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday by a 47-year-old man who was sentenced to death for killing two women and dismembering their corpses in Hyogo Prefecture in 2005. The Supreme Court’s No. 1 Petty Bench effectively finalized the death sentence for Kazuya Takayanagi, ...

Nov 20, 2013

Top court balks at voiding 2012 poll

by Tomohiro Osaki

The Supreme Court declares that the 2012 Lower House general election was “in a state of unconstitutionality” due to the large disparity in vote value among constituencies, but declines to nullify its outcome.

Oct 30, 2013

Death row inmate deserves retrial

Japan's top court rejects a request for retrial from an 87-year-old man on death row — after taking its time doing so — despite chemical evidence that might clear the defendant.

Oct 23, 2013

Top court voids acquittal of British drug smuggler

The Supreme Court has quashed an appeal by a British man convicted of smuggling stimulant drugs into Japan from the west African country of Benin in June 2010, letting stand a high court’s overturning of his acquittal in a lay judge trial. Robert Geoffrey ...