Techie home comforts

| Feb 18, 2017

Techie home comforts


A polite talking ted You may remember Paro, the therapeutic seal robot that has been successful enough to be used by therapists to help dementia patients with stress. Well now NTT DoCoMo has now collaborated with toy firm Iwaya, electronics maker Vitec and communication ...

/ Jan 15, 2017

NTT Docomo wins promotion to Top League

NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes were promoted to the Japan Rugby Top League on Sunday following a 30-14 win over Mitsubishi Sagamihara Dynaboars at Hanazono Rugby Ground.The victory sees the Top West champions clinch Top Challenge 1 and win an automatic spot in the top ...

Nov 6, 2016

Ministry to stiffen curbs on smartphone discounts

A panel appointed by the communications ministry will call for bolstering guidelines aimed at preventing excessive discounts for smartphones, it has been learned.The proposal on Monday will stress that better standards are needed to check whether consumers are being charged legitimate fees, a draft ...

Oct 8, 2016

Japan punishes three firms over predatory smartphone discounts

Japan’s communications ministry imposed administrative penalties on three phone service providers on Friday for offering excessive discounts to customers buying smartphones.The ministry gave NTT Docomo Inc., KDDI Corp. and SoftBank Corp. until the end of this month to report measures to end the practice. ...