Nov 27, 2015

Japan to submit plan to Canberra to jointly develop Aussie subs

The government endorsed at a National Security Council meeting Thursday a proposal to jointly develop submarines for the Australian navy, government sources said. The proposal, which includes an option to build the submarines in Australia, will be submitted to Canberra on Monday, the deadline ...

Nov 13, 2015

Chinese naval eavesdropping ship spotted near Senkakus

The Defense Ministry said Thursday that a Chinese navy ship sailed near the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. The Dongdiao-class intelligence-gathering ship did not enter Japanese territorial waters around the islets, but repeatedly sailed from east to west and vice versa ...

Oct 14, 2015

India-U.S. naval exercises in Indian Ocean get MSDF contingent

The Maritime Self-Defense Force is taking part in this year’s joint naval exercises by India and the United States that started Wednesday in the Indian Ocean, an area where China has been building up its presence. The MSDF has sent its destroyer Fuyuzuki for ...

Jul 7, 2015

MSDF anti-piracy mission off Somalia extended another year

The government on Tuesday added another year to the Maritime Self-Defense Force mission to protect commercial vessels from pirate attacks off Somalia. The sixth extension of the operation, which began in 2009, is to help ensure the security of the important sea lane off ...

Jul 7, 2015

MSDF, Coast Guard to hold 'gray zone' drill off Izu Oshima

The Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Japan Coast Guard are planning their first joint drill for a “gray zone” incident that would stop short of a military attack on Japan, according to a government source. The drill will be held “soon” near Izu Oshima ...

Jun 17, 2015

MSDF anti-piracy mission off Somalia to be extended by another year

Japan plans to extend by another year the deployment of Maritime Self-Defense Force personnel to combat piracy in waters off Somalia in East Africa, a Japanese government source said Tuesday. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet is expected to approve the extension in early July ...

Apr 27, 2014

MSDF must clean up its act

A Tokyo High Court ruling for the plaintiff in a damages suit over the suicide of a Maritime Self-Defense Force member highlights the deplorable attempt by the MSDF to cover up evidence that the victim was bullied.