Jun 18, 2015

Mountaineering accidents reached new heights in 2014

Japan logged 2,293 mountain-climbing accidents in 2014, up by 121 from the year before, the National Police Agency said Thursday. The number of people involved in the mishaps rose to 2,794 for the year, up by 81, the agency said. Both figures broke records ...

May 21, 2015

New Zealand glacier body identified after 42 years

A New Zealand hiker’s body that lay frozen in a glacier for more than four decades has been formally identified, police said Thursday. David Erik Moen, 19, was caught in an avalanche in September 1973 on the South Island’s remote Tasman glacier, they said, ...

Facing death at the Earth's highest reaches

Jun 26, 2014

Facing death at the Earth's highest reaches

by Kaori Shoji

Peter Hillary was born in 1954, one year after his father, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Nepalese sherpa Tenzing Norgay became the first men in history to stand on the summit of Mount Everest. Peter provided the voice-over for his father’s character in a new ...

Junko Tabei : The first woman atop the world

May 27, 2012

Junko Tabei : The first woman atop the world

by Tomoko Otake

Almost exactly 37 years ago, on the morning of May 16, 1975, then 35-year-old Junko Tabei and her Sherpa guide Ang Tshering reached the 8,763-meter South Summit of Mount Everest — their final halt before pushing on to the 8,848-meter peak itself. They made ...