Oct 13, 2014

U.S. promises $212 million in new Gaza aid, urges peace talks

The United States on Sunday promised $212 million in immediate assistance to the devastated Gaza Strip, while also urging Palestinians and Israelis to resume peace talks. People in Gaza, which borders Israel and Egypt, “need our help desperately — not tomorrow, not next week, ...

Sep 17, 2014

Gaza mortar round hits Israel for first time since truce: army

Palestinians fired a mortar round into southern Israel Tuesday in the first attack since an Aug. 26 cease-fire, without causing any casualties, the Israeli army said. “For the first time since operation Protective Edge, a mortar shell fired from Gaza hit southern Israel,” Lt. ...

Sep 12, 2014

Abbas will fail at U.N. without Hamas' backing

How Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reconciles three critical but faltering relationships — with Hamas, the U.S. and Israel — will determine whether Israelis and Palestinians resume talking or fighting in the months ahead.

Can Palestine win the peace?

Sep 9, 2014

Can Palestine win the peace?

by Daoud Kuttab

The tremendous sympathy and support Palestinians received from international observers because of the high price they paid during their 51-day war with Israel will be useless if the leaders of Hamas and Fatah fail to maintain a united front.

Sep 3, 2014

Israel says Gaza war cost military $2.5 billion

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Tuesday that the direct cost of the 50-day military offensive in the Gaza Strip was more than $2.5 billion. “The expenditure on Operation Protective Edge — military expenditure, the direct expenditure — is more than 9 billion ...

Israel, Hamas agree to open-ended Gaza cease-fire

Aug 27, 2014

Israel, Hamas agree to open-ended Gaza cease-fire

Israel and Hamas agreed Tuesday to an open-ended cease-fire, halting a seven-week war that killed more than 2,200 people, the vast majority Palestinians, left tens of thousands in Gaza homeless and devastated entire neighborhoods in the blockaded territory. Hamas declared victory and bursts of ...

Aug 20, 2014

Gaza war rages on; Hamas says Israel tried to kill its military chief

Israeli airstrikes killed 11 Palestinians in Gaza, including the wife and infant son of Hamas’ military leader, Mohammed Deif, in what the group said Wednesday was an attempt to assassinate him after a cease-fire collapsed. Accusing Israel of opening a “gateway to hell,” Hamas ...

Palestinians voice cautious optimism as Gaza truce holds

Aug 15, 2014

Palestinians voice cautious optimism as Gaza truce holds

Palestinian officials voiced cautious optimism Thursday, hinting at progress in Egyptian-mediated negotiations with Israel to bring an end to the fighting in Gaza and secure new arrangements for the war-battered territory. But with the sides’ demands still seemingly irreconcilable, that optimism may be premature ...