Aug 20, 2014

Gaza war rages on; Hamas says Israel tried to kill its military chief

Israeli airstrikes killed 11 Palestinians in Gaza, including the wife and infant son of Hamas’ military leader, Mohammed Deif, in what the group said Wednesday was an attempt to assassinate him after a cease-fire collapsed. Accusing Israel of opening a “gateway to hell,” Hamas ...

Palestinians voice cautious optimism as Gaza truce holds

Aug 15, 2014

Palestinians voice cautious optimism as Gaza truce holds

Palestinian officials voiced cautious optimism Thursday, hinting at progress in Egyptian-mediated negotiations with Israel to bring an end to the fighting in Gaza and secure new arrangements for the war-battered territory. But with the sides’ demands still seemingly irreconcilable, that optimism may be premature ...

Aug 14, 2014

Egypt: Israel, Hamas to extend temporary truce

Israel and Hamas agreed to extend a temporary cease-fire for five days, Egyptian and Palestinian officials said Wednesday, potentially averting renewed violence and permitting the sides to continue to negotiate a substantive deal to end the war in Gaza. Egyptian mediators had been racing ...

Aug 14, 2014

Israel, Hamas weigh Cairo offer as truce deadline looms

Egyptian mediators raced Wednesday to pin down a long-term cease-fire between Israel and Hamas to prevent more fighting in the Gaza war when the current truce expires at midnight. The two sides were considering an Egyptian proposal that partially addresses their demands, but deep ...

Aug 12, 2014

U.N. names panel to investigate alleged war crimes in Gaza

The United Nations on Monday named three experts to an international commission of inquiry into possible human rights violations and war crimes committed by both sides during Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip. William Schabas, a Canadian professor of international law, will head ...

Aug 11, 2014

Israel, Palestinians observe new truce; longer accord sought

Israel and Gaza Strip militants began to observe another Egypt-brokered truce, giving negotiators time to craft a more enduring accord after a month of violence in the Hamas-ruled territory. Palestinian envoys attending truce talks in Cairo agreed to the Egyptian proposal, Hamas’s official Al-Rai ...

Aug 8, 2014

Gaza war may be a taste of the future

by John Lloyd

The latest war between Israel and Hamas is further testament to the historical fact that Israel's forefathers had to conquer the land that today's Israelis dwell in and ferociously defend. Is there hope of finding a lasting settlement with the Arabs?

Aug 6, 2014

Jordan circulates revised, Palestinian-backed U.N. resolution on Gaza

Jordan circulated a revised U.N. resolution Tuesday calling for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza and condemning “all violence and hostilities against civilians.” Jordan’s new U.N. ambassador, Dina Kawar, said the draft resolution, backed by the Palestinians and Arab nations, was submitted to the Security ...

Palestinian-Israeli violence erupts in Jerusalem

Aug 5, 2014

Palestinian-Israeli violence erupts in Jerusalem

Despite the odd air raid siren and angry demonstrations every night, Jerusalem had been relatively calm until Monday, when tensions over Gaza exploded into violence. Since June violence has rocked the occupied Palestinian territories, including east Jerusalem, which Israel annexed during the 1967 Six ...