Russia military acknowledges new branch: info warfare troops

Feb 23, 2017

Russia military acknowledges new branch: info warfare troops

Along with a steady flow of new missiles, planes and tanks, Russia’s defense minister said Wednesday his nation also has built up its muscle by forming a new branch of the military: information warfare troops. Sergei Shoigu’s statement — which came amid Western allegations ...

France blames election cyberattacks on Moscow

Feb 19, 2017

France blames election cyberattacks on Moscow

Suspected Russian cyberattacks on the French presidential campaign are “unacceptable,” France’s foreign minister said Sunday, adding it was clear that pro-Europe candidate Emmanuel Macron was being targeted. A spokesman for Macron, who is currently riding high in the polls, has accused Moscow of being ...

Feb 16, 2017

Ukraine charges Russia with new cyberattacks on infrastructure

Ukraine on Wednesday accused Russian hackers of targeting its power grid, financial system and other infrastructure with a new type of virus that attacks industrial processes, the latest in a series of cyberoffensives against the country. Oleksandr Tkachuk, Ukraine’s security service chief of staff, ...

'Ethical hackers' prep for final round of annual cybersecurity contest

Jan 26, 2017

'Ethical hackers' prep for final round of annual cybersecurity contest

With cyberattacks proliferating worldwide, a Japanese contest for “white hat” hackers supported by organizations including the communications ministry and National Police Agency is gearing up for the final round this weekend. The Security Contest, dubbed Seccon, provides an opportunity for those aspiring to become ...

Jan 25, 2017

Three Europeans jailed in Taiwan over ATM heist

Three eastern Europeans believed part of an international crime ring were jailed for five years in Taiwan Wednesday over a $2.6 million cyberheist that used malware to hack into a major local bank’s ATM network. The attack, the first of its kind in Taiwan, ...

Jan 18, 2017

Canadian energy firms at bigger risk from cyber, bomb attacks, spy agency says

Canada’s main spy agency last year warned energy companies about an increasing risk of cyber espionage and attacks on pipelines, oil storage and shipment facilities and power transmission towers using homemade explosives, according to a classified document obtained by Reuters. The Canadian Security Intelligence ...

Jan 16, 2017

Russian security chief sees surge in cyberattacks from 'outside powers'

The head of the Russian Security Council says the country recently has seen a marked increase in attempted cyberattacks from overseas. The comments by Nikolai Patrushev, quoted by Russian news agencies Sunday, come amid tensions over the allegations by U.S. intelligence agencies of a ...