Malaysia Airlines website hacked with '404 — plane not found' message

Jan 26, 2015

Malaysia Airlines website hacked with '404 — plane not found' message

The Malaysia Airlines website was commandeered Monday by hackers who referenced Islamic State jihadis and claimed to be from the “Lizard Squad,” a group known for previous denial-of-service attacks. The website’s front page was replaced with an image of a tuxedo-wearing lizard, and read ...

Okinawa to host WEF cybersecurity summit

Jan 23, 2015

Okinawa to host WEF cybersecurity summit

by Sayuri Daimon

The government will host a cybersecurity conference jointly with the World Economic Forum in Okinawa in November, Japanese officials announced at this year’s annual economic conference in Switzerland. The two-day WEF cyberconference, scheduled to start on Nov. 7, will bring together some 250 experts, ...

Jan 17, 2015

Asahi Shimbun investigating potential cyberattack

Major newspaper publisher Asahi Shimbun Co. said the discovery of 17 virus-infected computers indicates it has been the target of a cyberattack. On the night of Jan. 9, the 17 PCs were found to be transmitting data, including email, based on commands from an ...

Jan 17, 2015

Twitter hackers announce 'World War III' on news sites

Hackers took over Twitter accounts of the New York Post and United Press International on Friday, writing bogus messages, including about hostilities breaking out between the United States and China. One tweet posted under the UPI account quoted Pope Francis as saying, “World War ...

| Jan 14, 2015

In Twitter hack, Pentagon sees perils of social media

If so-called cyberjihadis want to launch another social media attack on America’s military, they will have plenty of targets: the U.S. Army alone lists more than 2,000 links to feeds on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other accounts. In the wake of Monday’s breach of ...

Jan 13, 2015

'Cyberjhadists' hack hundreds of French websites

Hackers claiming to be Islamists have hijacked hundreds of French websites since the attacks on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, flooding them with jihadist propoganda. Homepages of several French websites have been replaced by phrases like “There is no God but Allah,” “Death to ...