Oct 27, 2014

The rule of law in China

The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party pledged last week to "comprehensively advance the rule of law." But can the rule of law really take root as long as a party central panel remains in overall control of initiating corruption probes against high-ranking ...

Kenny G runs afoul of Xi's artist crackdown

Oct 24, 2014

Kenny G runs afoul of Xi's artist crackdown

by Adam Minter

Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched a Maoist campaign against art and artists whom he judges as having "negative social impact." Saxman Kenny G, who is super popular in China, ran afoul of the authorities this week when he tweeted images of himself ...

Future of Chinese democracy

Oct 21, 2014

Future of Chinese democracy

by Hugh Cortazzi

The Chinese government's insistence that candidates for election to the post of Hong Kong chief executive first be approved by Beijing makes a mockery of its undertaking to introduce universal suffrage.

Jun 5, 2014

Political reform overdue in China

Twenty-five years after the protests at Tiananmen Square, the Chinese Communist Party continues to try to erase the memory of a movement that called for elimination of corruption, government accountability, freedom of speech and expansion of workers' rights.

| Nov 16, 2013

Nationalism, Tibetans and Uighurs in today's China

by Jeff Kingston

Nationalism arouses solidarity and generates identity politics that threaten ethnic and religious minorities. Defining the “we” also defines the “they” — and the latter is inexorably marginalized. Identity politics carry with them a high risk of sectarian or communal violence. State abuses of authority, ...