May 2, 2015

Japanese textile makers focusing on diagnostic drugs

Japanese textile makers are gearing up for development of diagnostic test kits and pharmaceuticals. Amid growing social awareness of the importance of increasing healthy life expectancy, demand for the technology of diagnosis that leads to an early discovery of diseases is expected to increase ...

Apr 25, 2015

Smokers' haven China amends law to heavily curb tobacco ads

China’s rubber-stamp parliament has passed legislation that heavily restricts tobacco advertising in public, strengthening efforts to curb smoking in a country where more than a billion people are smokers or exposed to second-hand smoke. A revised Advertisement Law approved on Friday by the Standing ...

Australian health blogger admits lying about cancer

Apr 23, 2015

Australian health blogger admits lying about cancer

An Australian blogger and author who became a hit after claiming she was winning a battle with brain cancer through whole foods and alternative therapies admitted Thursday she was lying and never had the disease. Belle Gibson launched her successful The Whole Pantry business ...