Nov 26, 2015

Two competing views of Asia

APEC members must show a greater readiness to compromise if they are to overcome their significant differences on a number of important issues.

Skywatchers treated to unusual event as 'supermoon' puts on a show

Sep 28, 2015

Skywatchers treated to unusual event as 'supermoon' puts on a show

Skygazers were treated to a rare astronomical event Sunday when a swollen “supermoon” and lunar eclipse combined for the first time in decades, showing the planet bathed in blood-red light. The celestial show, visible from the Americas, Europe, Africa, West Asia and the eastern ...

Aug 13, 2015

Ex-rebels feel left behind in Aceh

Fakhruddin Kasem hoped for a prosperous new life when Indonesia struck a deal to end a separatist conflict in Aceh, but a decade on the unemployed former rebel is so desperate he hopes to join the Islamic State group to make ends meet. While ...

Aug 11, 2015

Accepting Japan at its word


If Asia is to move beyond its past, the victims of Japan's wartime aggression must recognize that the Japan of 2015 is not the Japan of 1931, 1941, or even 1945, and that forgiveness benefits everyone.