Recuperating Pele aims to take it easy


Brazilian legend Pele is preparing to start limiting his professional schedule of engagements as the 72-year-old gets over hip replacement surgery, O Estado de Sao Paulo daily reported on Thursday.

Pele has spent as much as six months a year on commercial activities but is ready to cut that back extensively from 2016 — the year Rio will stage South America’s first Olympics.

He recently allowed the Legends 10 LLC agency to represent him exclusively for endorsement and product licensing and also personal appearances.

“With Legends, we shall progressively rein in Pele’s traveling program. Before, he would spend on average 180 days abroad a year. In the first year of this new agreement I have managed to bring that down to 83 days,” Jose Fornos Rodrigues, a veteran of 45 years representing Pele, told the paper.