Asashoryu nearing depression

Mongolian grand champion Asashoryu, who has apparently been in a tattered emotional state since getting hit with a suspension from two grand sumo tournaments, was diagnosed with a mild case of depression on Sunday. Psychiatrist Masaki Honda administered an exam on Asashoryu at the grand champion’s Tokyo home and later submitted a medical report to stable elder Takasago, calling Asashoryu’s condition “one step away from depression.” Labeling Asashoryu’s illness as a type of nervous breakdown, Honda said the 26-year-old is finding it difficult to eat anything and cannot sleep. “His eyes are glazed over and he isn’t able to speak sensibly about anything,” Honda said. “His face is gloomy and I felt sorry for him.” Honda is recommending that Asashoryu be permitted to have a change of environment by returning to his home land in Mongolia as soon as possible to avoid a mental collapse into full-blown depression. “As quickly as possible, Asashoryu should move to an environment that suits him best. If he spends two or three more days like this, he will fall into depression. If he becomes depressed, he will need three months to recover,” Honda said.