Dec 7, 2013

Revised law toughens penalties for welfare cheats

The Diet on Friday enacted the revised daily life protection law, which includes tougher punishment for those who fraudulently claim benefits while also seeking to shift some of the state’s financial burden onto relatives of claimants. It was the first significant revision of the ...

Nov 18, 2013

Stop squeezing the poor

If a bill revising the Livelihood Protection Law passes, it will lead to more deaths from hunger and suicide. The Abe administration should stop squeezing the poor.

Oct 12, 2013

Household income gap set record level in '11

The income gap among households reached its widest level ever in 2011, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry reported. The ministry on Friday attributed the expanding disparity mainly to an increase in the number of elderly and single-person households with smaller incomes. The key ...

Mar 1, 2013

No betting with welfare money, city may order

With welfare abuse in the spotlight, the city of Ono, Hyogo Prefecture, is mulling an unprecedented ordinance that would ban welfare recipients from using the money for gambling. The city presented a draft ordinance to the assembly Wednesday. If approved, it would take effect ...