Aug 7, 2015

A setback for the TPP talks

The government should use the setback in the TPP talks to reassess its position and carefully decide how to proceed in the negotiations.

A fast-track to future losses

Feb 22, 2015

A fast-track to future losses

By calling on Congress to grant him fast-track trade authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement, President Barack Obama appears to want to expand on a flawed trade model and extend it to other countries.

ASEAN integration a boon for TPP nations

Feb 6, 2015

ASEAN integration a boon for TPP nations


The proposed ASEAN Economic Community could offer new market opportunities for nations such as Japan that are currently in talks to form the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a Malaysian minister has said. Abdul Wahid Omar, who serves in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Economic ...

Nov 16, 2014

No rush in TPP talks

Rather than rush to reach an agreement, the government needs to try shape the outcome of TPP talks in ways that would truly benefit Japan's economy and people.