Japan's architects are building a better future

Aug 20, 2016

Japan's architects are building a better future


Home-security AI cats; talking walls equipped with motion sensors; communal-living apartment blocks that promote harmonious relations; and outdoor living-room spaces powered by solar energy siphoned off hybrid cars — these previews of our future, currently on display at “House Vision 2,” sound like science ...

Aug 17, 2016

Panasonic eyes trial sales of tomato-harvesting robot

Panasonic Corp. will begin selling tomato-harvesting robots on a trial basis around 2019 amid a shortage of farmers and an aging agricultural population, a company official said. The equipment is being developed under a government-sponsored national project to use technology to make Japanese farm ...

Panasonic pulls plug on LCD TV panels in Japan

May 31, 2016

Panasonic pulls plug on LCD TV panels in Japan

Panasonic Corp. has decided to withdraw from TV panel production amid fierce competition from foreign rivals, in particular in China and South Korea, company sources said Tuesday. The Osaka-based company will end production at its sole liquid crystal display plant in the city of ...

Mar 31, 2016

Panasonic drops ¥10 trillion sales target in fiscal 2018

Panasonic Corp. on Thursday dropped its goal of achieving ¥10 trillion in sales in fiscal 2018 as the electronics-maker struggles to build momentum for sustainable growth after restructuring. After a review of its business strategy, Panasonic is now aiming at ¥8.8 trillion in the ...