Mar 26, 2015

A trilateral summit, maybe

Despite the agreement among Japan, China and South Korea to hold a trilateral summit at the earliest convenient time, it is unrealistic to think the relationship between Japan and the other two will thaw soon.

Feb 10, 2015

Moral education raises risks

It would be unfortunate if the moral education that the government plans to introduce in grades 1-9 is aimed at instilling in children a blind love of their nation.

Like Japan, South Korea embroiled in textbook battle

Nov 24, 2014

Like Japan, South Korea embroiled in textbook battle

A 17-year-old Korean girl tortured to death for opposing Japanese colonial rulers nearly a century ago has become the latest touchstone of the nationalism that is shadowing Asia’s economic rise. Yu Gwansun became known as Korea’s Joan of Arc after she lost her parents ...

'Patriotic wives' few in number — but loud

Jun 20, 2014

'Patriotic wives' few in number — but loud


One by one, women take the microphone near the crowded Hachiko crossing in Tokyo’s Shibuya shopping district on a hot and humid weekday, denouncing the pacifist Constitution, blasting China’s “recklessness” and mocking the South Korean flag. “The Japanese Constitution that cannot protect our children’s ...