Malaysia, Myanmar begin searching for migrants at sea

May 22, 2015

Malaysia, Myanmar begin searching for migrants at sea

Malaysian Navy ships have begun searching the seas for stranded boat people in the first official rescue operation since desperate migrants started washing onto Southeast Asia’s shores. Meanwhile, Myanmar on Friday carried out its first rescue of a migrant boat. Thousands of Bangladeshis and ...

May 21, 2015

Malaysia orders sea search and rescue for migrants

Malaysia’s prime minister said Thursday he has ordered the navy and the coast guard to comb the sea to look for stranded migrants, the first country to announce it will search for the refugees in desperate need of help instead of waiting for them ...

May 19, 2015

Australia backs boat turnarounds in Asian migrant crisis

Australia reiterated its backing Tuesday for its regional neighbors’ efforts to stem a surge in boat people in Southeast Asia by turning back vessels — a controversial strategy to deter people-smuggling also used by Canberra. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have sparked international outrage by ...

6,000 Bangladeshis, Rohingya stranded at sea

May 12, 2015

6,000 Bangladeshis, Rohingya stranded at sea

Hundreds of migrants abandoned at sea by smugglers in Southeast Asia have reached land and relative safety in the past two days. But an estimated 6,000 Bangladeshis and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar remain trapped in crowded, wooden boats, migrant officials and activists said. With ...