Proportion of Japanese who dislike South Korea falls below 40% for first time in over two years


The proportion of Japanese who single out South Korea as a country they dislike has fallen below 40 percent for the first time in two and a half years, a Jiji Press poll shows.

In the monthly public opinion survey, which was conducted for four days through Feb. 14 and released Friday, respondents were asked to name a country they have no liking for, allowing multiple choices. South Korea was picked by 38.6 percent of the total, dropping 5.1 percentage points from the preceding month.

The figure had moved between 40 and 50 percent since August 2013. It is uncertain whether anti-South Korean sentiment has been receding, but the drop may reflect recent cooperation between the two countries to take steps against North Korea for its nuclear test and rocket launch.

Negative feelings toward the South among Japanese grew sharply after Lee Myung-bak made the first-ever visit by a South Korean president to the Sea of Japan islands of Takeshima, which are claimed by Japan, in August 2012. In September the same year, the proportion of respondents who answered they did not like South Korea shot up to 43.1 percent from between 10 and 20 percent before the visit.

The “dislike rate” fell below 40 percent later but rose to 52.1 percent in May 2014, the highest reading since the survey began in 1960.

The latest survey also found that 5.4 percent of the total respondents liked South Korea, up 1.4 points.

  • tisho

    BS. Anti-Korean books are becoming best sellers in the entire nation, little girls shouting at the center of Osaka for the massacre of Koreans, literally every second ”news” reported on the most popular online news websites is an anti-Korean lie or hate article. I don’t know how was this survey conducted and who was asked, but this is a complete BS. Reality shows otherwise.

    • wrle

      On the other hand, Koreans don’t even notice or care.

      • tisho

        They should make it mandatory for students to read Don Quixote.

    • micefaces

      I don’t know about that. 40% of the Japanese population is a lot. That’s 50 million people or so. You only bring up anecdotes, not statistical evidence. It’s easy for a few people to be loud and make it seem like there are more of them than they are; but when you have 50 million people, there’s more than a few who are going to try and seem loud.

      Based on the number of Americans who attend Trump rallies, publish pro-Trump articles, and spout racist nonsense, you might think more than 15% of Americans say they support Trump, but that’s what the polls have shown.

  • wrle

    Really surprised to know that its only forty percent.

  • Nippon Jeikobu

    I wonder what percentage of South Koreans dislike Japan. From what I’ve heard, they still have a lot of bitterness because of Japan attempting to conquer them during the Second World War.

    • Demosthenes

      The majority of Koreans don’t care either way, notice these polls are always Japanese centric.

  • Ahojanen

    The falls do not necessarily mean that more Japanese are resuming their affection towards Koreans. They are simply losing interest in the neighbor in the Peninsula. and trying to stay away from it. True, the number of Japanese visitors to ROK has been a record low in the last few years, a trend seems to continue. The bilateral trade figures are also falling profoundly. Korea is no longer a priority.

    Personally this is not so bad consequence. In keeping some distance we will be able to stay somber and reasonable.

  • frogmouth

    They better start showing the Koreans some love soon. The Chinese are coming. China already claims 90% of the South China Sea where almost all of Asia’s trade flows through.

    My advice. Japan give up takeshima to Korea and unite with the US against the invasion of China.