Seoul criticizes Japan for sending ‘comfort women’ report to U.N. committee


South Korea on Sunday criticized Japan for submitting a report to a U.N. committee denying forcible recruitment of “comfort women” as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers chiefly during World War II.

In its official position statement made to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, the Japanese government said forceful taking away of Asian women by the government and the military during the war could not be confirmed in any documents it investigated, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported Sunday.

Responding to the news account, a South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that the forced nature of recruitment and transfer of comfort women, many of whom were Korean, is an undeniable historical fact.

The Japanese government should refrain from doing and saying anything that will hamper the spirit of the Tokyo-Seoul deal struck in late December to resolve the comfort women issue, the official said.

  • 151E

    So much for a “final and irreversible resolution” to the issue.

  • jam awns

    Japan was required to submit the report regarding the issue by UN .

    [Points of Comfort Women issue regarding Korea.]
    1. Perjury was the testimony by Seiji Yosida in 1980’s. He was the ONLY person who confessed his crime about comfort women issue. Asahi Simbun had published articles 16 times by citing the Yoshida’s testimony as the true story over the world, and finally and officially admitted that his perjury was fabrication in August 2014.
    2. Groups of 200,000 young female workers organized on Japan worked at factories. On Dec 10 1991 and on Jan 11 1992, Asahi Shimbun deliberately distorted them as Comfort Women or highly paid prostitute for propaganda purpose. Asahi had already admitted it fabrication due to Takashi Uemura reporter’s confusion and immature review.
    3. Never appeared has even a person, even CW’s family, who had witnessed the forced recruitment from annexation period to this day, though Korea has appealed thousands of comfort woman victims.
    4. Never found has been any evidence of JPN’s coerced prostitution in JPN gov., JPN military, Korean gov., Korean local gov., Korean police and the U.S. gov.
    5. Never existed has any comfort woman’s testimony saying ‘JPN moved me forcibly’, while existed testimony ‘Business agents kidnapped me’ and ‘My father sold me.’

  • Melonbarmonster

    What was that again? I thought Japan apologized many times and yet in 2016 after a landmark “apology” you have Japan denying yet again. It must be some Japanese zen logic to claim you’ve apologized for things you deny you did all at the same time.

  • jam awns

    JPN owes the responsibility for the consequence which made women must had lived on hardship. JPN have apologized her mis-achievement of the supervisory responsibility. Importantly, Japan was not the crime party.
    JPN had strong relation with the military brothels in the way showing moral examples of humanitarian manner, such as medical check, appropriate management and construction, but never with coerced recruitment.

    On Jan 7 2016, a Seattle-area investigation has resulted in the shutdown of two sex-trafficking websites, the shuttering of 12 brothels and the arrest of about a dozen people. In Seattle, U.S., prostituted women from South Korea were forced to work often for 12 hours a day, seven days a week, to pay off debts.
    Do you think that the U.S. should appologize and compensate for those women?

    Please imagine,
    What do you think if creditors require you $1 billion repayment for your $1,000 loan without any document?
    How do you think if someone sues you as robber without any evidence and witness?
    Japan of course never deny crimes happened such as Semarang case. JPN was not perfect. Still today, rape and kidnap happen in Japan.

    What JPN denies is officially organized forced recruitment by JPN government and Military as well as the number 200,000 Korea appeals.
    JPN comfort women system was quite different from western slavery business that western hunted Africans as animals and brought them to new land as slaves and sex slaves.
    Imperial Japan did not systematically implement forced recruitment and management.
    Imperial Japan outsourced the leisure house called comfort house and Korean merchants recruited women by advertisement in newspaper.
    The word ‘sex slaves’ was invented to undermine JPN by a JPN communist lawyer, Etsuro Tozuka.

  • jam awns

    (1) You still put the immature article saying 200,000.
    (2) Your opinion is illogical like this.
    If a policeman rape a women, that’s why its government and police department recommended and order raping. All the policemen are rapists.

  • jam awns

    (1) You still put the immature article saying 200,000.
    (2) Your opinion is illogical like this.
    If a policeman rape a women, that’s why its government and police department recommended and order raping. All the policemen are rapists.