Japan university unified entrance exams begin

JIJI, Kyodo

English listening comprehension tests were suspended in Aichi and Hyogo prefectures due to lighting problems on the first day of the two-day unified university entrance examinations for spring enrollment, the test organizers said.

In the Aichi city of Nisshin, lights in a classroom used as an English listening test site suddenly went off, affecting 120 examinees. The testing was resumed after the problem was fixed, the National Center for University Entrance Examinations said.

English listening comprehension tests were also suspended for a similar reason at a venue in Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture. The trouble affected 43 examinees who were allowed to resume taking the test later in the day. On the first day of the so-called national center test, 133 other English listening exam takers also had to go through the testing again due to equipment failure, the organizer said.

This year’s unified examinations kicked off at 693 locations across the country on Saturday.

Applicants for the test totaled 563,768, up 4,636 from the previous year. Of the total, high school students set to graduate this spring accounted for 82 percent.

A record 850 universities and colleges took part in the unified exams. Of those, 166 were public universities, 527 were private universities and 157 were two-year colleges.

On day one of the exams, participants took tests in geography, history and civics in the morning and answered Japanese and foreign language questions in the afternoon.

Sunday’s testing covered science and mathematics. The test time schedule for 57 students was delayed for three to 75 minutes at three test venues in Kyoto and Osaka prefectures because light bulbs had to be changed and other problems, the National Center for University Entrance Examinations said.

The preliminary average score for each subject will be announced on Wednesday.